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Gear up Kolkata, India’s largest street art company will be in town very soon


The world has many beautiful places and when we visit them, some specific things catch our eyes, like monuments, scenery or restaurants but, these are all based on the different cities and their individualism. One thing that combines all these cities yet distinguish them at the same time is street art. Street art is one of the most amazing parts of places to see, it defines the place as well as the people doing it.


St+art is a Mumbai-based company that goes city to city expressing their street art. This is not just those artists who Doodle and get on with their work but ones who create masterpieces and show people what ‘Art’ really is. They have been in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderebad, Bangalore, Goa and have decided to come to Kolkata.

They are known to transform plane monotonous places to the art masterpiece that they think is appropriate for the place. They not only show others their talent but also invite people who are gifted the same way.  You can join if you want to by providing few details, resume and a portfolio.

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St+art has it’s own facebook page called “St+art India” where you can see their love for art potrayed in the cities they painted. Here is a post they uploaded confirming their visit to the City of Joy “Hello Kolkata!


St+art India is coming to your city for a project in Feb, and we need volunteers for documentation, production and artist assistants.

If you are passionate and enthusiastic about the work we do, apply through the link below to be a part of the team.

Apply here.

They are coming to Kolkata from February 4th to February 14th. Grab your paint bottles and show them what you can do, or sit back and watch the wonders of Art.


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