Hello friends, welcome to WhatsTheHype.in. This website has been created to answer all the questions related to Credit Cards and Banking.

Through this website, I will tell you how I use credit cards to get various rewards and benefits. If you use the credit card correctly, you can get outstanding returns. For example, if you use the SBI Club Vistara card, then you can get a chance to travel on a Vistara flight for free.

Also, collecting credit cards is a hobby of mine, so if you stay connected with our website, you will get detailed information about which card I am taking and which one I am closing from time to time. Right now, my card collection is something like this:-

Our Founder and Editor

Novjyot Pandey

  • AMFI Registration number Number : 175040
  • Total Experience : 4 yrs

Capabilities & Certifications

  • Mutual Funds
  • NISM Certified
  • NISM-Series-V-A
  • Mutual Fund Advisor
  • Financial Planing
Novjyot Pandey

I am Navjot Pandey, AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Distributor. AMFI is a government organization that monitors all aspects of mutual funds and gives licenses to mutual fund distributors to sell mutual funds; you can get more information from the official website of AMFI.

I was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh, India. I attended Delhi Public School before spending three years in college in New Delhi, where I enrolled at the University of Delhi to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree.