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Do films have a way of shaping one’s point of view? To know more..

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There are many things which are responsible for our changing perceptions in this fast-growing world. Good books or stories have always played a significant role in influencing us and it is probably the first source of information about someone or something. Years back when there was no internet, people used to read magazines or books to attain a certain amount of knowledge and sometimes these books or stories turned out to be filmed.

Films have always been entertaining for us, despite the genre. Just like books, people and stories, films are hugely responsible for shaping one’s point of view. From perceiving the positive side of a real-life situation or being influenced by the actions of an actor, films are somewhat responsible for such changes which are generally positive and the rest of it depends on how nicely and positively we perceive such attributes.

Imtiaz Ali has a certain theme in which he portrays in most of his films. It’s mostly about following your heart, the truth about life and how one step can change a lot in one’s life. For example, Rockstar and Tamasha, these films convey the message that it’s never late to follow your dreams and once you are capable of taking control over your dreams and work on it, no negativity can bring you down.

Once in an interview, he had said: “I was an underachiever who lied to look better” but it’s barely impossible for us to believe this statement of his. With films like Highway, Rockstar, Tamasha and Jab We Met, he made it possible for us to perceive certain situations in an absolutely different way which is pretty different from how every other person perceives the particular situation or how the situation is usually perceived as.

Another great example is Satyajit Ray. If he didn’t make films, then probably we wouldn’t have known what exactly ‘epitome of art’ means. With short scenes and simple stories, Satyajit Ray made every single film of his beautiful with his sense of aesthetics which was no less than perfect.

With every film with a good story, it has been possible for us to change perceptions about certain things and think wisely in order to get a positive result at the end of the day.

To know more how films are not only there for entertainment but also plays a huge role in influencing us in order to shape our perceptions for the better, in the long run, Future Institute of Engineering and Management is back with Celluloid 18’, the official film festival of FIEM. From short films to documentaries of any genre, this film festival is going to be the perfect platform to showcase new talents from schools, colleges and other independent production houses. The bonus? Film debate, Cine Quiz and many more activities related to films will be there throughout the three days of the festival.

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