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Here is a list of 11 of the most dangerous serial killers India has ever seen

1. Raman Raghav



Raman Raghav, also known as Sindhi Talwai, Anna, Thambi, and Veluswami, was a serial killer from Khstra (then Patra) active during the mid-1960s.

Raman Raghav committed several murders in the outskirts of Mumbai actively the mid-1960s. There was a certain pattern of who his victims were – usually pavement and hutment dwellers, who were explicitly bludgeoned to death with a blunt object of some kind. When he was arrested, he was initially slightly reluctant to disclose and information regarding his killing spree. However, later he confessed to have committed 41 murders and to everybody’s surprise, also gave a detailed account of his modus operandi. He was sentenced to death. However, Raghav’s sentence was reduced to life imprisonment when a group of psychiatrists tested tested him and found him to be schizophrenic

He died at Sassoon Hospital in 1995.



2. Mallika



After being convicted of 6 counts of murders, Mallika is currently serving a life sentence. She is reckoned to be the first ever serial killer. She went on with her killings in quite an unusual way: She would pretend to be someone well-versed in rituals and befriend women in temples, and later call them to another temple far away in a secluded location. The victims would be requested to show up in their fineries. Mallika would then ask them to consume cyanide-laced holy water or prasad. She would then elope with their valuables.



3. Charles Sobhraj



Charles Sobhraj has been quite a sensation – in all the wrong ways. Also known as the ‘Bikini Killer’ and ‘Serpent’, Charles, due to his inexplicable cunning skill at deception, preyed on Western tourists throughout Southeast Asia. Sobhraj allegedly committed at least a dozen murders in the 1970s. He was convicted and jailed in India from 1976-97.

On his release, he retired as a celebrity in Paris. He returned to Nepal and was arrested and tried there as well. Sobhraj received a sentence of life imprisonment. The most uncanny part of it all, Sobhraj genuinely enjoyed the attention, charging large amounts of money for interviews and film rights. He has been the subject of four books and three documentaries.

Incredible, isn’t it?

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4. Thug Behram



Thug Behram, who is said to have committed nearly 932 murders, he is believed to be one of the world’s most prolific serial killers. Uncannily, he would utilise a ceremonial cloth in order to calmly strangle his victims to death and was active between 1790–1840 in Oudh, northern central India. Leader of the Thuggee cult, who were notorious for committing a series of murders and robberies, Behram was executed in the year 1840 by hanging.


5. Auto Shankar



Nine girls, in late 1988, from the Thiruvanmiyur section of Chennai went missing in a period of approximately 6 months. Investigators involved thought that the girls were pushed into trafficking by their respective families. However, constant denial by the girls’ families made them probe deeper into the confusing matter of these chain of disappearances in a different way.

In December of the same year, a school girl named Subalakshmi complained that an auto rickshaw driver attempted to manhandle and abduct her in front of a local wine shop. The cops went undercover and started working in the wine shop. It’s from there that they discovered a man named Shankar behind this crime. Shankar would kindap these girls, kill them, cremate them and drop the ashes in the Bay of Bengal. It was only after his arrest that then he was known to be as Auto Shankar.


6. Singh



Singh, an ex-army man murdered the children migrants in Jalandhar, Punjab by swiftly slitting their throats. Crazy but true, he even claimed to have had sex with their dead bodies as he “celebrated the murders by drinking alcohol and eating good food“. The main reason behind these heinous crimes was his absolute disgust and hatred for migrants. Singh was awarded the death sentence in 2008, which was reduced to life imprisonment at a later point of time.



7. Mohan Kumar



Also known as Cyanide Mohan, Mohan Kumar, was tried and convicted for the murder of a series of 20 women by a Mangalore fast court and then later, sentenced to death in the year of 2013.

He would lure women, who were unable to pay dowry or look for suitable husbands and give them cyanide pills claiming they were contraceptives. Mohan would then rob them of a their jewellery. Apart from murder, Mohan was also alleged to have been involved in bank loan frauds and forgeries. He was also a physical education teacher at a primary school between the years of 1980 and 2003.


8. Devendra Sharma



Even though Devendra Sharma was an established doctor of Ayurvedic medicine, he had a darker side to himself. He has this urge to earn quick cash by boosting cars. However, he didn’t mind the blood that came with it. Between 2002 and 2004 Sharma stole cars and killed car drivers from many areas in and around Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. He ended up confessing to 30-40 murders, and was later sentenced to death in 2008.



9. Chandrakant Jha



A native of Bihar, Chandrakant Jha, migrated to Delhi in the year of 1986, was arrested and then imprisoned for his very first murder in 1998 until 2002.

After his release, a labourer by profession, Jha went on a murder spree, where he would murder his victims, who were generally his employees for the slightest provocation, cut their bodies into innumerable pieces and scatter them all around the city. He did this so as to make police investigations a difficult task and also as revenge against cops, for the harsh treatment meted out to him during his very first prison sentence. Jha was sentenced to death in 2013, after his arrest and conviction in 2007 for six counts of murders.


10. Dubbed Stoneman



Dubbed Stoneman by Kolkata’s English print media, this unidentified person was a serial killer active in the city in June 1989. 13 homeless people, at the least, were believed to be murdered during their sleep by the stoneman. The Kolkata police were confused and unable to determine, whether or not the murders were committed by a single individual or a group of people. Considered as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries to this day, the killer or killers still remain to exist at large.


11. The Beer Man



Active in South Mumbai between October 2006 and January 2007, the Beer Man was a serial killer who murdered 6 people. He received the nickname of ‘Beer Man’ because he had a tendency to leave beer bottles beside the body of each of his victims. A man named Ravindra Kantrole was charged with the 7th murder and also two others. However, they got their names cleared of any involvement and acquitted in September 2009 due to lack of evidence. The identity of the real killer still remains unknown even today.

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