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Watch: Giant Cobra throws up seven eggs after killing a hen and it’s dead scary


Before you go on reading this article, here’s the warning: this is not for the faint-hearted. This is a footage posted on Facebook by a snake catcher in the state of Kerala which shows a cobra throwing up not just one, but seven eggs altogether.

Sujith VP was asked to remove the snake after it had attacked a henhouse on someone’s farm and then went on to swallow eight eggs.

Later on, the Cobra was filmed regurgitating seven out of those eight eggs. Mr. Sujith filmed the entire thing and then posted in on Facebook where it was viewed a thousand times over and shared by people from everywhere.

According to Mr. Sujith, the cobra slithered into the chicken coop and killed a hen. It then proceeded to swallow eight eggs. The snake catcher tells NDTV the reptile ended up throwing up seven of the eggs in a hurry to get away from the increasingly large gathering of humans in the area.

He said:

“When a snake slithers on the ground, it’s difficult for it to carry food like eggs inside it. In this instance, the cobra wanted to escape from the public view, so it puked the eggs fast” 

Here’s the video of the cobra throwing up seven out of those eight eggs filmed by Mr. Sujith, who works as a wildlife rescuer in North Wayanad’s Begur Forest Range:


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