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Drunk man jumps into a pool full of crocodiles, loses his arm but miraculously survives

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A certain 21 – year old allegedly ‘bulldozed’ through an entirely restricted area, climbed right over a protective fence jumped into a pool filled with three crocodiles which are domesticated. The pool is a pretty famous tourist attraction which is next door to a brewery where he was apparently drinking.

The drunk 21-year-old had his arm ripped off after he jumped into a pool full of crocodiles but – fortunately enough, he somehow managed to escape with his life. Even though he has sustained several fractures, the man is now reported to be in a more or less stable condition.


Certain eyewitnesses have said that Mr. Miller made his way through the brewery’s kitchen and then jumped into the pool next door. Two locals fearlessly jumped in on seeing him and dragged Mr. Miller to safety.

“We were shocked when he just stormed into the kitchen despite a sign prohibiting members of the public and exited the window,” an eyewitness told the newspaper.

“He jumped into the pool and the crocodiles immediately pounced on him. He is lucky because alert guests quickly followed and rescued him but one of the crocs had already cut off his arm.”

The Victoria Falls River Brewing Company – the establishment Mr. Miller had been drinking at, said in a statement to the press:

“On Thursday evening a member of the public deliberately climbed over a protective fence and entered the crocodile pool which houses three crocodiles, deliberately putting his life in extreme danger”

“He was rescued by incredible efforts of two very brave men including an employee of the Cage Diving Company. He sustained several injuries including loss of arm. The River Brewing Company wishes him a speedy recovery and we are grateful to the quick thinking and bravery of his rescuers” they added.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority requested:

“We urge all foreign tourists to avoid taking unnecessary risks when dealing with animals”

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