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Shahid Afridi tweets on the Kathua rape case, wins back the lost respect of Indians

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi

A few days ago, former Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi was heavily criticized for one of his tweets on the recent situation in Jammu and Kashmir. The tweet targeted India and Indian left-handed cricketer Gautam Gambhir was the first one to react. Soon after other celebrities including the likes of Mohammad Kaif and Sachin Tendulkar also lashed out at the all-rounder.

Recently the world has been shaken by a shameful incident where an 8-year-old Kashmiri girl named Asifa has been raped in Jammu before being killed.

The nerve-chilling details of the disgusting act have seen the whole of India raise their voice including the celebrities. And the latest post came for Shahid Afridi but this time it will force you to respect the cricketer.

The cricketer had earlier made the headlines while taking a photo with an Indian fan when he asked the person to hold the Indian flag properly. That was a great gesture by the leg-spinner which won the hearts of a lot of Indian people and this time too Shahid Afridi’s comments deserve a lot of respect.

Twitter is a place where your tweets get noticed by millions of people within a fraction of a second. Similarly, many people took notice of Afridi’s tweet and stood by the legend for his words.

Afridi too, like a lot of other people, demanded justice for the 8-year-old girl who had to go through such inhuman behavior. It is time that the nation comes together and strict actions need to be taken against those behind the crime.

Here’s how the people reacted to Afridi’s tweet:


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