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This video of Sonali Bendre getting a haircut for her cancer treatment is a proof of the fighter in her

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre had recently revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer. The news comes after actor Irrfan Khan was found suffering from neuroendocrine cancer, and has been a big shock for the film industry. Today, Sonali stated that she is taking her time to deal with the difficult path that awaits her.

The news was made public on the 4th of July, that she has “high-grade cancer” and is currently undergoing treatment in New York. Wishes poured in from the entire industry which hailed Sonali as a fighter. Actor Akshay Kumar met the actress immediately in New Work and conveyed his good wishes.

Sonali Bendre has now expressed her gratitude to her fans, followers, and members of the film industry for the incessant support and “outpouring of love”.

Bendre had called the diagnosis a “curveball” and said,

“Each day comes with its own challenges and victories and so for now, I’m taking this #OneDayAtATime. The only thing I’m trying to be consistent about is maintaining a positive outlook…”

“Literally #SwitchOnTheSunshine – it’s my way of dealing with this. Sharing my journey is also part of this process… I can only hope it reminds you that all is not lost and that someone, somewhere understands what you’re going through.”

Sonali said that she is elated to know that she is not alone in this battle.


“I’m especially grateful to those of you who shared stories of your experiences in dealing with cancer, whether it was your own or of loved ones. Your stories have given me an extra dosage of strength and courage…” she said quoting her favourite author Isabel Allende, that “The human capacity for survival and renewal is awesome.”

She also shared a video in which she becomes emotional as she gets her long hair chopped and transitions into a short crop. She shared a series of pictures after her haircut and one of them featured her husband, Goldie Behl.

You can watch the video here:

She is definitely a woman who won’t give up. She is indeed, a fighter. More power to you Sonali. Get well soon.

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