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Ranveer Singh liked this fan painting so much that he hanged it in his living room

Ranveer Singh as Peshwa Bajirao!
Ranveer Singh as Peshwa Bajirao. Image Source

Stardom comes with huge fandom. The love from millions of people living in various corners of the world has made what celebrities what they are today, along with their hard-work and talent. Distance is nothing for a fan if he/she truly loves or admires and idolizes a celebrity. You must’ve seen the craze which happens in front of the house of Bollywood’s King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan, two days before his birthday until his birthday!

Fans from all over the world, Taiwan, America, UK or wherever they belong from, everyone makes an effort to come all the way to India, just to get one glimpse of the King of Bollywood. Even we are crazy about one celebrity or the other. Watching them on the big screen or TV makes our hearts skip a beat, imagine seeing your favourite actor right in front of you, greeting you! It will definitely be the happiest day of your life, right?

Fandom also means several fan letters, cards, handmade gifts and what not. There are many which successfully reach to the concerned celebrity and very few which fail to. Celebrities make sure to thank each and everyone because obviously, they don’t want to hurt anyone and they are grateful that these fans are somewhat the reason for what they are today.

Just like so many fans and their fan arts, letters and gifts, this one fanart just made to Ranveer Singh’s living room. This fan just got lucky!

Ranveer Singh Painting
Ranveer Singh Painting. Image Source

He painted the portrait of Peshwa Bajirao as it was portrayed by Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani. The big fan painted a picture of his character to remind him of what a positive effect it left on all his fans.

“Ranveer has placed the painting in his living room so that he can be reminded of the love his fans harbour for him. He salutes their overwhelming affection and hopes the painting will motivate him to push the envelope with every act. The fan dropped off the painting at the YRF office in Andheri. They, in turn, contacted the actor and handed it over to him.” reads a Mid-day report.

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