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Habibi do you love me? Afghan comedian’s rendition slammed for sexism and stereotyping women

The Kiki Challenge has been the most talked about thing on the internet since the past few weeks and people from all over the world seem to be obsessed with it. There are many videos of people taking the challenge that went viral on social media and the latest one to join the list is an Afghan comedian’s version of the Kiki Challenge called ‘Habibi do you love me’.

Dawood Savage, a comedian who calls himself as “Muslim Drake” released the version and is being heavily slammed for stereotyping women as someone who is meant for doing household works.

In the parody, four men dressed in traditional attires seek to marry Aisha, Fatima and Khadija. He also hopes to find a woman who is “acceptable”, “can cook” and “recite the Quran.” The people were quick to take note of it on social media and blasted the comedian over sexism and misrepresentation of Islam.

The lyrics of the song clearly did not go down with the netizens. The song has lyrics which goes like “Look Afghanis really love Hijabis. Sisters looks so pretty when they wrap their Abayas.” One user termed the parody as a “male chauvinist song,” while another called it a “mockery of religion and marriage.”

Here is the video:

For all of you who are unaware of the Kiki Challenge, it demands people to jump out of their running car and dance to the beats of Drake’s song “In My Feelings”. The US comedian Shoker is believed to be the inventor of this challenge.

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