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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t have a laptop and he explains why

Jack Dorsey

In this first moving world, it is very hard to imagine someone without a laptop. Nowadays, every child uses or owns one to keep up with the others. While it is hard to imagine a life without the device, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated the fact that he does not have one.

Not only did he state the fact but also explained the reason for the same. The reason which Jack gave really has a valid point but still, it is hard to believe that he does not even own a laptop. Jack shared this fact, which is hard for us to digest, at a press breakfast in Sydney, Australia on Friday.

Jack Dorsey.
Jack Dorsey. Image Source

And as a replacement for the device, Jack likes to do everything on his phone which he believes to help in maintaining a proper life balance.

Jack was quoted as saying by Mashable:

Jack Dorsey. Image Source
Jack Dorsey. Image Source

“I don’t have a laptop, no, I do everything on my phone”

When asked the reason for the same, Jack gave an answer which explained everything and also gives us an idea about his busy life schedule.

“It was important to me because I turn off my notifications, and for me it’s one application at a time. So I just have one app up, and I can really focus on what’s in front of me instead of everything coming at me as I would a laptop.”

He also shared some of the habits which he has developed while working:


“I don’t check my phone in the morning until I’m about to walk into work and when I’m working on my phone I turn off notifications so I’m not constantly reacting to what’s coming at me.” 

He further added:

“When we’re having meetings, phones down, laptops closed so we can actually focus and not just spend an hour together but make that time meaningful — and if that time is 15 minutes, then it’s 15 minutes, we move on with our lives. If we have our phones open, if we have our laptops open, and all these things are coming up, we just get distracted.”

Jack’s practices give us an idea of how to maintain a proper balance between your digital and real life by developing some practices of your own which at the same time reduces the number of distractions. While it is true that phones these days are capable of doing everything a laptop can do, it all comes down to personal preferences in the end.

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