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Mumbai now gets a ‘Rent A Boyfriend App’ to cure depression in the city

Depression is a very common issue nowadays, especially among the youth. There are various reasons why a person goes into depression but the most common is when one goes through a break-up. But it seems that there is a new way of getting rid of depression in the market.

After the launch of Tinder and many such online dating apps, our lives became much more convenient and it is much easier now to find a partner. But this new app where you can ‘rent a boyfriend’ to ‘cure depression’ has taken it to a whole new level.

The app is even named ‘Rent A Boy Friend’ (RABF). The founder of this unusual and borderline disturbing app is 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash who has very tactfully used depression to market his brainchild.

According to TOI, the entrepreneur claims that all meetings will be platonic and says that the idea roots from his own personal experiences and he believes that one needs someone to vent out to and talk about their issues in life.

He also mentions that the app will have a toll-free number where people could call up ‘professionals’ and discuss their problems because people in India sometimes refrain themselves from visiting a psychiatrist thinking what the society would assume.

In an interview with DNA, when asked why doesn’t the app cater to men, Kaushal said:

“Rent a girlfriend sounds weird in India but it’s ok abroad.”

We do not know how long this app will go but surely the entrepreneurs in the country are going a long way!

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