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Don’t spend lakhs on your wedding, do these things instead to make it special in an unique way

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Weddings are perfect moments which are treasured for a lifetime by the couples and their families. The grand celebrations and ceremonies make the wedding day even more special. But have you ever tried out the decent way to conduct your wedding instead of spending lakhs on the ceremonies and decorations? Here are some of the points that can make your wedding day more memorable.

Try distributing food to the poor

A wedding no doubt includes cuisines of various types, but instead of spending money on the different cuisines try distributing food to the poor people. This would not only help them quench their hunger but also give you a feeling of satisfaction. So Is there any better way to get blessings for the start of a new life?

Sponsor the education of a student

Your new start could help a student to start a new life for himself as well. Seeing the education growth a student as your married years passes by would always make you remember the beautiful act done by you on your wedding day.

Help save our mother earth

With the increasing pollution, our Mother Earth is in danger. Instead of spending lakhs only on the ceremonies try spending a few thousands only planting of new trees and plants to help our nature. Coming back to the very same trees and plants on every anniversary would definitely overwhelm you with joy.

Support a cause

Donating a part of your money which you had planned to spend on the decorations for a noble cause would definitely be the first achievement you could have accomplished as a couple.

Fund another marriage

There are a lot of fathers who are unable to perform the marriage rituals of their daughter due to lack of money. Giving a part of your money to fund another marriage on the very same date of your marriage would definitely make your marriage day more memorable.

Adopt a stray as a pet

The population of stray dogs has increased quite a lot in the past few days. Adopting a stray dog would give your life a perfect start with this new companion other than your beloved spouse. Try giving out a thought for the same.

Try being eco-friendly

Spending lakhs on the decorations and ceremonies would definitely make your wedding day a perfect one but try to think about it in a different way. Instead of using flowers and candles and glass pieces try using recyclable products or handmade decorations items which are eco-friendly. This could even give your wedding day a unique twist.


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