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These pictures of the biggest snowfall in Paris since 1987 are simply gorgeous

We all love Paris, right? The ones who have visited and the ones who have not. It is not just the Eiffel Tower that fills them with love – it is the city’s very soul.


To add to its beauty, Paris just turned into a beautiful landscape of white when the City Of Light received its massive and biggest snowfall ever.

It has been days that the snow has been falling. As the days go by, Paris is becoming all the more beautiful. Who doesn’t love Paris? From Montmartre and Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, everything was covered in a pristine layer of white!


The French capital witnessed the largest snow accumulation ever since 1987, as reported by Mateo France. Most of northern, eastern as well as central France were on alert for ice and snow on Monday as soon as a cold wave spread across the country. However, the country isn’t done receiving the snow just yet.



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People immediately took to social media and shared pictures of the beautiful, beautiful Paris.



However, despite all its beauty and wonders, the situation is complicated, it’s even quite exceptional. Authorities asked drivers not to use their cars on February 7, 2018.


Around 46 emergency shelters were opened to provide shelter for homeless people and others caught out in the winter weather on Tuesday night, housing about 1,000 people. Hundreds were sheltered at train stations and airports.



However, some Parisians braved the snow, with at least a few skiers and snowboarders taking to one of the slopes in the city – Montmartre hill near Paris’ iconic church, the Sacre Coeur. Others shared photos of the wintry scenes on social media and talked about its pristine beauty!



According to the Meteo France weather service, up to 5.9 inches of snow has fallen in the Paris area so far – the biggest snowfall since 1987.



Bewitching sight, isn’t it? And, here we are, craving to go to Paris, to breathe in its bewildering beauty.

The City Of Light looks all the more fascinating now that it is draped in white.


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