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Beijing’s new airport is as amazing as it can get and the pictures are a treat to the eyes

Beijing's new airport
Beijing’s new airport

Beijing’s new international airport, yet to start operations, has already taken over the online world. Pictures of the massive airport have flooded social media with some calling the look of the construction ‘incredible’ and some saying its design has a ‘space age influence’. The new airport which will commence its test operations in 2019 is preparing itself to take over the world and could become the world’s largest.

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According to Xinhua, the new airport will start test operation come October 2019. With Beijing Capital International Airport being over-crowded, the new airport, located 46 km south of downtown Beijing, is expected to take some pressure off it.

The construction of the airport began in December 2014 and is being built at an estimated cost of 80 billion yuan (12.3 billion US dollars), reports CGTN. It is touted to be among the world’s largest airports.

Spread over 313,000 square meters, the airport terminal buildings will have four runways and will be able to accommodate 620,000 flights every year along with up to 100 million passengers and 4 million tonnes of cargo, reports Xinhua.

The pictures of the airport, which have evidently taken over the entire social media are making people swoon over its architecture and the sheer massiveness. People are calling it a piece straight out of a sci-fi picture.

“It was like a dream but now look like is no longer a dream anymore,” says one Twitter user about the construction. Several others have used words like ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ to describe the creation.

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