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Sonakshi Sinha brutally attacked on Instagram for wearing a sexy red gown

Sonakshi Sinha

Being a celebrity is not easy. Though we assume that fame and riches solve all their problems, they do have to pay a heavy price for these privileges. They are unable to keep their lives private as they are constantly chased by paparazzi even when they do basic things like going to the gym or the airport. They are never left alone, whatever the occasion may be.

These celebs enjoy a massive social media following. But as a consequence, they are subjected to major trolling, shaming and slamming. They are expected to please each and every single person and if they do not fit the perfectly the ideals laid out for them, the negative comments start pouring in.

Recently, Sonakshi Sinha posted on Instagram a photo of herself wearing an alluring and stunning red gown. The actress, like many times in the past, was again body shamed, was labelled ‘cheap’, ‘fat’, and ‘a slut’.

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

She was condemned for not being able to adhere to Indian ‘values and cultures’ and ‘not being able to lose weight’.

Here’s what she posted:

The picture is eye-catching and she looks absolutely gorgeous. But the trolls decided to bring her down. The netizens custom-shamed her and she was excoriated for wearing the translucent gown. They accused her of doing all this for the sake of money.

The trolls
The Trolls

The 30-years old actress now needs to give a solid answer to the shamers for repeatedly criticising her so that they can shut their mouths for once and all.

People need to be more sensitive to the impact their negative words can have on a person. They can mentally disturb the person and can push him/her to the verge of depression.

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