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Shocking truth about Kapil Sharma’s illness revealed and you will be shocked to know the amount of tablets he takes!

Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma

Television’s funny man Kapil Sharma has found himself in the deep end of the pool without a life-jacket. With various reports stating that Kapil ill-treated his co-stars from The Kapil Sharma Show, and reports that he had also misbehaved in flight from Australia to Mumbai, the comedian’s fame began to wane. Compounding things further, the comedian turned actor found himself slipping into depression while alienating himself from the world.

Kapil Sharma is apparently one of the most controversial celebrity (read: comedian) and well, we are all well aware of his mid-air brawl with co-star, who was once a friend, Sunil Grover, eventually gained utmost popularity.

Since the last few months, Sharma hit the headlines exactly when his show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma’ went off the air leading the controversial star to go on a Twitter rant against the very conviction of Salman Khan. Kapil Sharma also hit the headlines when he had abused the editor of a certain media house.

All of these incidents have been piling up, one after the other, which eventually led his fans and viewers to question his mental health. Lately, it has been revealed that the actor is undergoing depression, for which he is being treated for.

According to reports, Kapil Sharma consumes about 23 tablets every day. Due to heavy consumption of pills, Kapil Sharma has also been canceling way too many of his shoots for his new show ‘Family Time with Kapil’ and well, that is one of the prime reasons why the channel had to actually shut down the show. To add to it, his co-star Neha Pendse has also confirmed that they have not shot an episode of the new show for a long, long time.

Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma. Image Source

Later talking about the after-effects of his anxiety issues and his incessant drinking Kapil Sharma went on to talk about the time he got so depressed that he actually contemplated suicide.

Kapil Sharma said:

“One of my close friends suggested that I needed a change of scenery and hence recommended that I shift to his seaside apartment for some time. He thought a change of scene would be good for me. As I saw the wide expanse of sea from his balcony, I felt like jumping into it. I was depressed; it felt like the world was gunning for me”

His new show’s producers Hemant Ruprell and Ranjit Thakur have also decided to discontinue their association with Sharma and their decision has received full-fledged support by the channel.

Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma. Image Source

This is what the most loved comedian turned a most controversial person, had to say in a recent interview about his new endeavor:

“Sony’s helmers are the most supportive people I’ve worked with. They believe in me. The people who want my career destroyed can spread whatever lies they want. I am okay with it. I am not new to people piggy riding on my success. Let them… as long as it gives them the satisfaction that they want. I know what I am doing.”

Well, Kapil Sharma sure was one of the best comedians who had a pretty bright future ahead. Depression is a deadly disease. We sincerely hope that he gets well soon and continues to make the country laugh.

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