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Tanushree Dutta is a lesbian, tried to rape me 12 years ago: Rakhi Sawant

While many actors have come out in support of Tanushree Dutta since she accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of the movie ‘Horn Ok Please’, Rakhi Sawant has presented a completely different point of view on the matter. Rakhi earlier spoke against Tanushree in a press conference and called her a liar and a drug addict. Notably, Rakhi is the actress who finally ended up performing on the dance number, that Tanushree allegedly walked out from, back in 2008.

According to india.com, Rakhi, who is known for her infamous comments and videos and is often subjected to trolls and memes, has further narrated something more about the matter. The model turned actress organized a press conference and said that Tanushree Dutta is a lesbian and has raped her.

Rakhi went on further to say that Tanushree is using the media for her own good and asked her to come out and speak the truth. She alleged that it’s easy for Tanushree to blame a man of sexually harassing her but she won’t reveal how many times has she harassed a woman.

“Aap (Tanushree) lesbian hain or aapne mera baar baar balatkaar kiya hai. Vo toh media ko istemaal kar rahi hai. Isne Rakhi Sawant ko target kiya hai. Jagah batau? Aap ayiye or kahye na ki aapne mera balatkaar nahi kiya? (Tanushree, you are a lesbian and you have raped me again and again. She has been using media for her own good. She has targeted Rakhi Sawant. Does she want to know about the place where she had raped me? Why doesn’t she come out now and say that she hasn’t raped me?)

Rakhi said that she has got proof that she was raped by Tanushree but will only present it in the court.

“Mere paas mere balatkaar ka sabut hai. Par main court me pesh karugi. Abhi de dugi toh sabut gayab ho jayega. Hindi picturein toh main bhi dekhti hun na.” (I have the proof that I was raped. But, I will only present it in court. If I’ll reveal it now, it will be lost. After all, I also watch Hindi films)

Not just this but Rakhi Sawant has defended the likes of Nana Patekar, Alok Nath and Anu Malik who have been accused of sexual harassment by women. It looks like Rakhi is completely against the #MeToo movement as she thinks that Tanushree has been paid to defame Nana Patekar.

Here’s the look at the video:

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