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Fan gets Mia Khalifa’s chest and face tattooed on his body, gets brutally thrashed by her

The world in which we live is full of crazy people. Different people have different ways of showing their crazy love to their mentors or personalities they admire. One such crazy fan was recently observed with a tattoo of Mia Khalifa’s face and chest on his body.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa.

In an attempt to impress Mia, the fan literally got slammed by her when she took out all her frustration regarding the same on a social networking site. She stated that the man should have had himself inked because for her this was not any flattery rather an outrageous creepy act.

Mia Khalifa tattoo.
The tattoo.

She was also disgusted by the way her specs and teeth were inked and also mentioned the fact that she had braces for a very long time which makes her teeth perfect.

She also advised him to get the tattoo covered by any tribal symbol and other tattoos as well because she was sure that the man must have some other shitty tattoos if he has painted a complete stranger’s face on his body. Here is her reply:

Though Mia is generally happy with her hugest fan following because of the photos and videos she posts yet she fails to turn off her super angry mode whenever something pisses her off, just like the way she did not like the way her assets were highlighted on somebody else’s body.

We are not sure whether this reciprocation of the fan’s craziness was correct on the part of Mia Khalifa or not but we do know the fact that any further way to impress her would be thought twice before being acted.

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