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Johnnie Walker introduces it’s new female version Jane Walker

Jane Walker
Jane Walker

Here’s some news, people: Johnnie Walker, the popular Scotch brand, has made a change to its almost 200-year-old history. Introducing a female version of its iconic logo, the brand showcases a striding man, calling it Jane Walker. Well, rumour has it, that this move is an attempt to draw more women to the Scotch and celebrate “progress in women’s rights”.


They tweeted the logo in order to announce the same:



Despite announcing the brand’s New logo with utmost excitement, since it is a part of their limited edition whiskey in the US, social media, to be honest, wasn’t much impressed. In fact, social media went on to criticise the move.

 After all the criticism, Johnnie Walker vice president Stephanie Jacoby, who has worked on the Jane Walker campaign, told fashion magazine Elle that people have clearly misunderstood the purpose of the logo, and the intention wasn’t to make a special blend of insignificant things, particularly for women. She said, “This wasn’t about making a whiskey for women. We would never make anything that’s ‘for women’s palates’. Taste buds have no gender.”


“We really see Jane as the first female iteration of our striding-man icon,” she said. “We like to think of our striding man and our striding woman as really walking together going forward.”, she said.


However, Jane Walker will appear on 2,50,000 bottles in the US in March. For every bottle produced, Diageo, the company that makes Johnnie Walker, will specifically donate a dollar to organisations that promote women and emphasize on gender equality. We wonder how the new logo would have been received in India, though.

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