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Ever noticed Nishikun? The 3 feet tall pornstar whose truth will leave you in shock


You are about to see a picture of a 3 feet 6-inch tall boy who may look like an innocent child, but he is a really popular figure worldwide, especially when it comes to Japan.

Well, to begin with, he is not a child but a 24-year-old man who is known as Nishikun in the Japanese porn industry. Well, his real name is Kohey Nishi.

Nishikun’s short height and sweet face make him look all the more like a child. And well,  according to him, he feels that since there is no pornstar who looks like a child, he has a brownie point right there.

Nishikun is said to have a rare progressive incurable condition called Mucopolysaccharidosis and a brain tumor ever since he was a child. Due to his ailments, it is obvious that he faces lots of difficulties in working daily. His spine and feet are extremely weak because of which he can absolutely not stand for more than five minutes. However, this sure is not a hurdle in his current profession because most of his scenes are shot while he is lying down.


Porn belongs to that category of films where children cannot be cast. So, being an adult with childlike looks sure fills that gap by playing roles of children in adult films. Bonus, right?

According to Nishikun, he feels that he is saving children from abuse by playing their part in porn movies. Before becoming an adult star, he was a computer programmer and has desires to work outside porn films even now.

He made an entry into x-rated films after he became drinking buddies with a porn director who introduced him to various other people in the industry. And ever since then, he has been making it big in this industry!

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