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Here’s all you need to know about Ahare Bangla Food Festival 2017 which just got bigger and better

Ahare Bangla Food Festival 2017
Photo Source: Ahare Bangla

Extrovert or not, you would all want to go to this festival which will satisfy your taste buds. Ahare Bangla 2017 is a food festival with a combination of food stalls and activities. You get to have drool worthy food and enjoy your day with renowned people as well as participate in competitions. Unleash the foodie in you and indulge till you can’t anymore.

Ahare Bangla Food Festival is a five days long food carnival organized by the Animal Resources Development Department of Government of West Bengal in association with other concerned departments of the Government, namely Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Textiles, Information and Cultural Affairs, Food processing Industries and Horticulture, Fisheries, Agricultural Marketing, Agriculture and Tourism.

Ahare Bangla Food Festival Schedule:

This year is a bit different, there is going to be stalls for food but also a cooking competition open to all. The Ahare Bangla 2017 Schdeule is a jam-packed one with talk shows to keep you entertained, cooking sessions with renowned chefs. Poets, known writers and distinguished personalities for better enjoyment. With the extremely delicious food comes the unique, rare and pure produce for sale. Different varieties of rice like Kalobhat (can only be seen in Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen) will be available. For the fish loving people, you get to buy Vennami, Pungus and Vietnam Koi. Don’t feel bad meat lovers, you get to have Turkey, Duck Black Bengal goat, Bonopala lamb, Garole lamb and Quail.

The participants of Ahare Bangla include The State Fisheries Development Corporation LTD, WB Livestock Dev Corporation LTD,Mother Dairy Calcutta, Metro Dairy Limited,Benfish, The Wall-Pan Asian, Bijoli Grill Caterers, HAKA (a unit of specialty restaurants LTD), Oh Calcutta, Tangerine Merry Go Hotel and Restaurant Pvt. LTD, Continental catering services, The Cafe Store, Pithebilashi, Nalin Chandra Das and Sons, Chutney Cherry, S.P Innovations, Buddha Bites Ptv LTD, The yellow straw, Fast Filling, 6 Ballygunge Place, Sigree Global Grill, City Tea Junction, Asian meals on wheels, Ami Sei Mea, Rainbow Holdings, Bangladesher Roshona, Tangra,Maharaj, First Flush and Charnock’s.

Ahare Bangla Food Festival Date:

This time, they changed the venue and made it more convenient for us. It is bigger than before and has both indoor AC Sections and outdoor sections. There will be table and chairs for you to enjoy your food to the fullest. The Ahare Bangla 2017 date stretches from December 7 and ends on 11 December. New Town Mela Grounds (Service Road,BF Block,Action area 1,New town) is the venue and the timings are – lunch at 3pm, tea and snacks from 3pm-6pm and dinner from 6pm-9pm.


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