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Two erogenous zones replacing the G spot in women – For all you men


The world of female ejaculation is ripe with mystery and magic, and those who have experienced it will attest to the latter. But a great deal of skepticism still revolves around the act.

After reviewing all of the studies exploring the G-spot, a group of scientists concluded that a precise “spot” that unlocks women’s sexual ecstasy does not exist. Now, this says it all. If you have been trying really hard satisfy your girl to the extent that she’ll be on cloud 9, then maybe it’s time to use your skills in a better way.

Instead of giving too much importance to the G-spot and her vagina why not try something new this time? There’s a little-known region that could be the key to making her climax.

Sex experts said the mons pubis is the place you should be focusing on. For women and girls, the mons pubis forms the anterior portion of the vulva. It might not be the sexiest sounding body part, but this area above the pubic bone is cushioned with fatty tissue that can be a pretty electrifying spot when stimulated properly on women.

Most people skip over it during foreplay, but it is one of the most sensitive areas of a woman. “Your pubic mound is connected to our genitals and sexual response thanks to sensitive nerve endings and glands that emit pheromones [chemicals your body produces that can trigger a sexual response from others], natural body scent, and sweat” says Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and certified sex therapist in Los Angeles.

Mons pubis is also known as the mons veneris, or “the mound of Venus”, and is named after the Roman goddess of love. This Mons pubis rests just above the labia(lips) and is the area where the pubic hair is known to grow. “It contains a whole host of nerve endings too, which mean it can feel gloriously gorgeous when stimulated as part of sex and foreplay” says Alix Fox, Durex’s sex and relationships expert.

Fox further said, “Lovers tend to focus on a woman’s clitoris and vagina; with all good intentions, they can get so side-tracked by concentrating on a lady’s ‘downstairs area’ that they don’t realise they could also bring her great pleasure by taking a small step upstairs and giving the mons pubis some attention too.”

The other mysterious erogenous zone that you probably haven’t tapped into yet is the A-spot, or the anterior fornix. The A-spot is found deep inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. It’s positioned beyond the G-spot so it’s harder to reach. “It’s made up of a patch of sensitive tissue that lubricates when stimulated” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., certified sex counselor and founder of Loveology.

Since the A-spot is supposedly found deep inside the vagina, your partner may find the sensation uncomfortable at first. Keep in mind that every woman’s body is different, so it’s possible that the A-spot orgasm may never become a reality for her.

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