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Here’s how you can get Mumbai based Theobroma brownies right at your doorstep

Theobroma brownies

Kolkata and sweets is an age-old relationship. It is a rare sight to find one in Kolkata not having a sweet tooth.

Nahoum and Sons Confectionery, one of the best bakeries in the whole of India is a Calcutta special since it’s inception in 1902. Then there’s Flury’s, started in 1972, has been serving dishes in British and European fashion since day one. This means that cupcakes and pastries are no less important to us than the selection of quintessential Bengali mishti like rosogolla and malai chom-chom. 

After the recent success of Natural’s Ice cream with their debut on the ever busy Park Street, there is another Mumbai based brand all set to satisfy our sweet cravings. The Theobroma it is. They aren’t opening an outlet here (though Kolkata is very much on their list) if that is what you were wondering but you can get the delectable Theobroma brownies and other menu servings couriered right to your doorstep.

Theobroma means ‘Food of the Gods’ in Greek. Theobroma is also the botanical name of the cocoa plant.

Theobroma has brought a great variety of indulgent cakes and deserts within the reach of many, while tried and tested favourites Choco Chip Brownie and Mava Cake make a great feature in their fast selection. The hands behind Theobroma are not afraid to innovate and invent, adding creative and modern twists to classics.

Some of the Theobroma signatures are Almond Biscotti, cheese biscuits, chocolate dense loaf and the Lemon Syrup Cake.

Most of these products have an eggless variant as well, so no worrying about for all the vegetarians out there.

The products are free of any kinds of preservatives and stay fresh for a good five to ten days. The courier charges start from Rs 270 for regular and Rs 370 for express depending upon the number of desserts ordered. It is always advisable to drop in a message beforehand and the brand will revert with their list of products that are available for delivery.

The next time you don’t have to rely on that friend to get yourself a box of delightful brownies while he/she is away to Mumbai.

Pocket Pinch: Rs 60 onwards

Contact: 8879330682 / +91 9819764352



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