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Pinterest now has a user base which will blow your mind

Pinterest for business
Pinterest for business. (Photo source: Twitter)

Pinterest recently announced that it now has over crossed 200 million monthly users. What has helped the online bulletin board is the popularity it enjoys outside the US.

Co-founder and design head Evan Sharp recently said,” When we launched Pinterest in 2010, we were floored by how many people flocked to the site to find new ideas for their lives.”

“As it turns out, curiosity and the desire to try new things are universal.” The company, with its headquarters in San Francisco has seen a massive growth by about 40% in the last year alone. According to Sharp, what’s interesting is that more than 50% of the users are from outside USA. Although he refused to give details about Pinterest’s plans on making money, he did mention that revenue collection was “going well”.

Advertising is one of the main sources of income for the site. They also earn by aiding in online shopping. Early this year, they pushed harder into the e-commerce sector by adding feature to their boards which might enable the users with smartphones to identify products they might want to buy and be able to isolate them in online stores. It is also working to streamline and localize search options as most users are based all over the world. The users will also get recommendations and ‘pins’ based on where they live so it is more practical for them.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a virtual bulletin board which users can decorate based on their numerous interests, from home remedies to travel recommendations. Thus creating ‘mood boards’ which can be shared with other users. The platform also helps in organization and is a brilliant place to exchange and discover ideas.

The site aims at being the perfect amalgamation of a social networking site as well as a search engine where you can exchange information with real people across the globe. Another standout fact about the users here is that no one seems to be looking for opportunities to pick a fight unlike in other platforms. Sharp has said, “In this time of fake news and nasty anonymous comments online, Pinterest is about the future, dreaming and possibilities.”

According to Sharp, “It is a place to think about your best possible life and then go out and do it.” People whose intentions are clear and their purpose for being online has an objective tend to make choices “based on what they hope to be, not what they are afraid of.”

Unlike other apps or features in smartphones meant to engage the user for hours on end and take them away from their real life, Pinterest aims to help users find solutions and ideas which the users can then go about and implement in their real life to make it better. As per Sharp, that is their true USP and as of now it seems to be working in their favour!

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