Sunday, February 24, 2019

People behind the scenes

Soham Nag


A disciple of social media, Soham latched onto the field right from the undergraduate level. Counting on his prolonged familiarity with social media and the art of photography, writing and graphics he creates to create a workstation of his own which would link the known to the unknown. A sports freak and a dog lover define his non-professional side.

Saunak Nag


A student of sports management, Saunak’s inclination towards the field of sports was from a very blossoming stage. Also interested in the terrene of social media, Saunak aims to discover a bond between the two which will help him build his dream career. Blessed with the wonderful talent of blogging, Saunak prefers being his own boss and utilizes his alone time writing stuffs that people would love to go through.

Arjuni Nag

Marketing Manager

Arjuni is a growing individual who likes to explore the growing possibilities in this challenging corporate world. Apart from being a management student, he is a blogger, technologically strong and a socially active guy. Sports, music and travelling define his other interests.

Ahana Sen

Creative Head

Ahana is a student of architecture who nailed her graduation from Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture and Design studies, Nagpur. A girl with an unconditional love for colors, Ahana is still in search for the perfect experience of pace in the right frame of mind. The Potterhead and creative soul believes in bold and minimalistic design while the love for Shah Rukh Khan and a plethora TV series defines her other half.

Bipasha Ghosh Roy


Bipasha is an amiable and approachable personality who is passionate in her undertakings. Exceptional social skills coupled with promptness, decisiveness and a skill set that spans beyond the confines of core academics helped her successfully manage and host events through her school and college years. A psychology enthusiast with a test for healthy and thought provoking conversations and understanding of humans and a quirky creative side aids her aspirations in life.

Aishikee Gupta


Shy at first but quick to make friends, Aishikee is a big talker. Her personality is as contradictory as it comes. Starting from a national level rifle shooter to being an artist and a writer to studying media science, is just the tip of the iceberg. Her life goal is to travel all over the world to soak up all the cultures so that she has better things to talk about. A die hard animal lover and a music buff. Can’t sit and do nothing for a long time yes procrastinating is one of her biggest traits.

Disha Haque


Gifted with a beautiful voice, Disha has always been passionate about singing. She never disappoints when asked to sing and has an uncanny habit of recreating every song she sings. Obsessed with serenity you will find her in the mountains once a year and is a student of English honours. With her insatiable penchant for gathering new experiences and indomitable love for travelling, her writings will make you feel the world a better place to live in.

Subham Bhattacharya

Visual Production Head

A student of media with exceptional leadership qualities illustrate Subham in the best possible way. With a bag full of knowledge acquired from the prestigious Jadavpur University, Subham has mastered the art of film making and videography. One of the most humble persons you will ever meet, Subham also has familiarity with the department of fine arts which makes him a healthy customer in the creative field.