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Sonakshi Sinha

Being a celebrity is not easy. Though we assume that fame and riches solve all their problems, they do have to pay a heavy price for these privileges. They are unable to keep their lives private as they are constantly chased by paparazzi even when they do basic things like …


Hrithik Roshan and Kriti Sanon

After an eventful 2017 which was filled with a lot of superb movies, it is time for the award ceremonies to begin in 2018 to congratulate the extraordinary performances put up by the actors. So January is always a special month for the Bollywood celebrities as the gear up to …


Salman Khan

It was a proud moment for Salman Khan as received the Global Diversity Award on Friday. Salman was in Britain on Friday and in the ‘House of Common’ he was awarded “The Global Diversity Award” by Keith Viz. Salman was in Britain after a decade and this must be utterly precious …