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Theme-cafes are totally in now! Kolkata has got more than ten theme-cafes and there are still many which we haven’t visited yet. Mrs.Magpie, Blue Mug Cafe, Abar Baithak are few cafes which are quite popular nowadays. Even travel-theme cafes like ‘My Wanderboots’ or ‘Travelistan’ are quite a thing. In every …


Travel Cafe

In the past one decade, Kolkata has changed to what you call a modern Kolkata, or should we say ‘Calcutta’. Calcutta is a change, but Kolkata is an emotion. The modern-day Kolkata has thousands of cars; local buses are being replaced by AC buses, cafes or restaurants in every corner …


Chetty's Corner

2018 seems to be a super-lucky year for the residents of Kolkata! In the last week of 2017, Hard Rock Cafe, world’s No.1 Rock&Roll café, opened in Kolkata, at Park Mansion in Park Street. It’s quite a hype amongst the youth and just not that. The ambience and food is …