Song of Death

The house Naina lived in is falling apart, with flaked paint and a collapsed ceiling. Naina and I grew up together. I did not have many friends to play with. She was my one and only friend. I would roam around in the locality with Naina, climbing trees and swimming in …


The Nun and Pari

Not everyone can stomach a horror movie, but those who can typically love them. Last year turned out to be one of the best years for the spookiest of genres in recent memory with the releases of films like Get Out and IT, and if 2018 turns out to be anything …



Cult classic and all that madness spread across the globe gave rise to pretty horrific yet impressive movies. Then there were movies that made one cringe to death. We could have avoided the few but then again, the rebellious heart wants what it wants! A little too disturbing yet some …