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India is the 7th most targeted country

Internet is connected to us in our day to day life, and today we can not think of a day without it. Be it social media or online transaction or shopping, we need it in every instance. Web security is a huge sector and incredibly important considering how many services …


Kolkata meme page admin arrested

Facebook, one of the most used social media website in the world today is the host of innumerable pages and groups which deal with memes, trolls and cartoons. Some of these pages are good as they provide your daily laughter dose but there needs to be line which they should …


Cyber Bullying

Before we go on to discuss about the details of what leads to cyberbullying, we must know what cyberbullying exactly includes. It includes: Posting negative comments on pictures and abusive posts on a user’s wall. Using pictures or videos to make fun of another user. Using social media to stalk. …