Headquartered in Jaipur, Flitx is a product of Flit IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has been launched with a vision of bringing up all the cryptocurrencies at one place and thus tranquilize the process of buying & selling for the citizens. Flitx is powered up by a transparent system of buying …


Flitx Process

Market trading might sound like something retained by the monetary privileged, but the gradual and spontaneous growth of cryptocurrency is accompanied by the expansion of online currency exchanges and trading platforms where anyone can take part and profit from market speculation. Today, cryptocurrencies is being known by many people as …


Mukesh Ambani

Cryptocurrency are all that can be heard nowadays. It’s something we all talk about but hardly know anything about it. The craze started with Bitcoin and Litcoin and now the trend has spread to our own country. Mukesh Ambani the well known onwer of Reliance Jio and is planning to …