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Theme-cafes are totally in now! Kolkata has got more than ten theme-cafes and there are still many which we haven’t visited yet. Mrs.Magpie, Blue Mug Cafe, Abar Baithak are few cafes which are quite popular nowadays. Even travel-theme cafes like ‘My Wanderboots’ or ‘Travelistan’ are quite a thing. In every …



In a country where new eateries open almost every day, how do you tell the good from the great? The first ever Condé Nast Traveller and Himalayan Sparkling Top Restaurant Awards is the culinary compass—taking people from palate to places and tastes never experienced before. A city filled with history and …


Hard Rock Cafe

Just few more days to Christmas. People are almost over with planning their to-do(s) for Christmas all around the globe. Similarly, in Calcutta, Park Street will be all set for Christmas from 18th December (Monday). Like every year, the streets will be lit with Christmas lights, New Market will be …