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Sidewalk new

You see this sidewalk here? At the heart of the city, in broad daylight, it’s filled with rushing footsteps and hustle bustle of people. As night falls, silence and darkness take over. Apart from the hustle of the city, this sidewalk has seen many stories. It tells a tale, the …



Do you still come across people who say ‘ I’ll always be there for you’? How do you feel? Do you laugh at them? Does it make you feel weird? Then, my friend, you know what life is. I’m at a stage where I am aware of everything happening on …


Poem Cover

Worthy worthy moments, some moments that count, Life, a tiny journey, a peak not so stout… Priceless moments, the memorable ones, the one that touches the heart, Words do matter, that often fills this heart… Heart ho! Listen to thy words, listen to the sound that calls, Heart ho! Spread …