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MB club president Tutu Bose’s bigoted, sexist remark shows exactly what’s wrong with the country

Much to the joy of the Mohun Bagan fanatics, the club has already secured the Calcutta Football League, 2018, with a game in hand. A fantastic 2-0 triumph over Calcutta Customs saw the red and maroon army clinch their 30th CFL title and a first since 2009. While the celebrations are underway in a colossal manner, a derogatory comment by the club’s president has sent shockwaves on social media.

Yes, president Swapan Sadhan Bose, popularly known as Tutu Bose, came up with a sexist remark to express his happiness of the club winning the prestigious title. During the half-time program on broadcaster Sadhna News, Bose was asked by the reporter to share a few words on how he feels to have ended arch-rivals East Bengal’s dominance over the last eight years.

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In a shocking statement, Bose compared it to the joy that lights up a family when a son is born, after a series of daughters. Well, that is exactly how he felt.

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“Daughters were being born for the last seven years, suddenly a son has been born. How would you like it if that was the case with you? I have the same feeling.”

His chauvinistic comment was followed by smiles and cheers from the people who surrounded him, including the reporter.

The comment has given birth to massive fury on social media, with people slamming the man mercilessly. And why not? His words clearly portray everything that is wrong with our country. It is outright shameful to see that even in the 21st century, there are people who give fuel to a senseless, age-old belief that takes us steps away from advancement.

You can check the video here:

Susanta Kundu यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, १२ सप्टेंबर, २०१८

It is high time we give women the respect they deserve. We are sorry to say, Mr. Bose, that was pathetic on your part and you have just lost a plethora of supporters.

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