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Kolkata Police arrests man who masturbated in a bus at two girls, guarantees justice in Facebook post

In an extremely shameful incident that took place on May 12, in Kolkata, an aged man started masturbating openly at two young girls in a running bus. Much to the surprise, the bus had several other passengers who did not make an effort to stop the disgusting act. However, the entire episode was recorded by the girls on a phone and the video was shared on social media platform Facebook.

The video went viral in no time and people expressed their anger on the same. The girls went on to post the video on the official Facebook Page of the Kolkata Police asking for justice while messages and requested from other users also started to pour in demanding strict action.

The Kolkata police began their work immediately following the complaint filed and the city was searched thoroughly in their bid to search the guilty.

In a work of brilliance, the guilty has been found and arrested by the Kolkata Police. Going by the name of Ashit Ray, he is believed to be a hawker according to reports. She was picked by the police from a region named Shyampukur, in Kolkata.

Ashit Ray
Ashit Ray, the guilty.

The Kolkata police went on to post the picture of the arrested and narrated the catch from their official Facebook account. They also guaranteed punishment for the man who dared to pull off such a shameful stunt.

Here is the post:

The response and work by the Kolkata Police have been truly worth applauding. In a country where the number of cases of molestation, sexual assault, and brutal rape is increasing at an alarming rate, the least we can expect is the law and order to be immensely strict. And Kolkata Police has definitely set an example to follow.

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