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Kolkata man bends repeatedly to rub himself against a young girl at a mela, video captures filthy act

The incident took place at the Chuchura Handlum Mela.

Crimes against women have been soaring at an alarming rate and we as Indians, feel ashamed to be helpless about it. Cases of brutal rape, abuse and harassment have been a part of the daily mayhem in the country as the safety of women remains a distant dream.

However, one city which has seen a significant increase in such cases is the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata. It was just last month when an aged man masturbated openly at two young girls in a bus. It was followed by a news which highlighted the merciless torture of a woman on her mother-in-law for the sole reason of picking flowers.

And now we put forth yet another pathetic and disgusting incident that took place in the city.

A certain incident that took place at the Chuchura Handlum Mela, first ground in Kolkata, a pervert man was filmed brushing his pants against the back of a young girl, who was there enjoying the sight of a ride with her mother.

The incident occurred on the 6th of June and the man can be seen wearing a white shirt and a black trouser.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, the man can be seen standing right behind the girl and he can also be seen repeatedly bending so as to rub himself against the girl. On realizing that whatever he was doing was being filmed, he took no time to quickly turn his face away from the camera.

When the mother realised that the man was up to something suspicious, she switched places with her daughter and then, the man walked away.

One of the people present in the crowd saw the disturbing act and made it a point to record it on his phone. The videos and screenshots were shared on Facebook and a lot of people came forward and raised their voices against this filthy act.

This entire incident was informed to the Kolkata police by a number of users on Facebook Facebook and the Police made it a point to respond immediately.

The Kolkata Police are sure doing a great job lately. But well, we sincerely hope that justice is served to the victim.

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