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Kolkata girl gets 9 needles inserted into the throat as a part of ‘Tantrik Ritual’, recovered by doctors

This is a world which is full of people who does not possess brains which leads to bizarre incidents quite often. These are nothing but signs of illiteracy mostly found in rural areas. Our country, India, is no different and there are many instances which prove that the nation still needs a lot of education and the right kind of guidance to stop this kind of practices.

According to NDTV, in a bizarre incident, the doctors at a state-run hospital in Kolkata on Tuesday removed nine needles inserted into the throat of a 14-year-old girl, a senior official of the medical establishment said.

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The needles were stuck inside the throat of Aparupa Biswas, a resident of Krishnanagar of Nadia district, apparently by a tantrik and it took around three hours for a team of doctors to get rid of those. Initially, the doctors believed that the girl had swallowed the needles but it was only later they came to know the truth.

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According to a senior doctor of the NRS Hospital, where she was treated:

“But it was later found out that the needles were actually inserted inside her throat from outside as a part of some kind of tantrik ritual”

The family members were hesitant in disclosing the reason the needle got inside the throat of the girl and hence the doctors questioned the girl and they came to know about a lot of things. Firstly they found out that she was the adopted child of the couple who had lost their son around three years ago.

“After their son’s death, there was a change in the girl’s behaviour. After that the couple started consulting a tantrik”

But the good news is that the girl is out of danger now but will be kept under observation. Psychological consultations will also be taken for the girl according to the doctor.

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