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If travelling is your kick, you should head to this newly opened cafe in Kolkata

Travel Cafe
Travel Cafe

In the past one decade, Kolkata has changed to what you call a modern Kolkata, or should we say ‘Calcutta’. Calcutta is a change, but Kolkata is an emotion. The modern-day Kolkata has thousands of cars; local buses are being replaced by AC buses, cafes or restaurants in every corner of the lane which turns out to be a hub for the youth!

No matter how modern you get or how much you love the new cafes in Kolkata, the old food stalls in new Market or Dalhousie Square or even the Indian Café House will always be our favourite. Despite the age, from 7 to 70, old Kolkata will always be an acute nostalgia for many of us.

From Mrs.Magpie to Hoppipola, all the new cafes and restaurants have made a good remark. Theme-cafes are the ones which actually turned out to be quite a hype amongst all of us. Like Mrs.Magpie, an American-themed café made a lot of buzzes. Similarly, Artsy in Minto Park is definitely a hit amongst those who love aesthetics and art like pastel colours, paintings.

Now, after a year and a half, it’s a good news for the people who love to travel! After ‘My Wanderboots’, Kolkata’s first travel café, Kolkata is here with their second travel café and you can’t stop yourself from visiting!

A dose of nature!

Travelistan. Image Source

Paramita Gain former journalist with Kolkata newspaper, Sanvad Pratidin, and her husband Arijit Dutta, an executive producer with a film production company, is here with another travel café ‘Travelistan’.

We love the milestone!

Image Source

The cafe opened its doors a week back and the ‘chief guest’ at the inauguration was Satyen Das, a cycle rickshaw driver who has been to Ladakh twice in his rickshaw! Each and every corner of the café is decked up in such a way that it will definitely be a treat to the wanderlust traveller inside each one of you.

Starting from a quote by famous American hiker Christopher McCandless, “Happiness is only real when shared” to hanging jeep headlights in the corners, this café is surely going to be in everyone’s bucket list. Not only this, but the café also has a colourful world map along with Tintin scriptures. Renowned artist Rathin Mitra has also shared some of his great ink sketches which are a bonus.

Bookworms welcome!

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This café is also a bigshot for the book lovers as you can spot Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries, Dui Chakaye Duniya by Bimal Mukherjee, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, Syed Mujtaba Ali’s seminal book on his travels to Afghanistan, compiled travel writings of Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay and others, and several Feluda books with Satyajit Ray’s trademark cover art.

Nailed it!

Image Source

From the finest tea from the tea estates in Bengal to soothing, cool mocktails which are ice drinks with fruit punch, every dish and drink is inspired by some travel zone and is a great treat for the wanderlust in you! The cafe opens from 11 am and shuts at 10.30pm, and the last order is at 10 pm.

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