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Hello Kolkata! China all set to sponsor the oldest Durga Puja in Salt Lake

Durga Puja

The Durga Puja, in West Bengal, is one of the biggest festivals in the country and it’s more of a phenomenon. If you happen to be in India during the month of September or October, it will be extremely foolish of you to leave the country without experiencing the craze, madness, and enthusiasm of the people of Bengal during the period.

Overwhelmed by the charm of the festival, China wishes to boost one of the Pujas in the city this year. Yes, you heard it right.

According to TOI, the Durga Puja organized by the BJ Block in Salt Lake City is all set to don a Chinese theme this year with the Chinese consulate sponsoring the whole of the Puja.

Durga Puja
Durga Puja. Image Source

In case you did know, the BJ Block Durga Utsav is the oldest township Puja in Salt Lake City. Since the past few years, the Chinese consulate has been trying to get slightly more involved in the cultural realm in Kolkata.

As a part of this plan, a team of artists who are Indians would be trained in designs inspired by the Chinese architecture. The entire theme will supposedly represent Chinese art forms starting from the deity to the pandal.

Image Source

Chinese consul general Ma Zhanwu wished to deepen the cultural ties between the two countries and said,

“Durga Puja of Kolkata is an experience and it transcends religious thresholds, bringing everyone together. Naturally we at the Chinese consulate have also become quite involved in the festivities. This year, we will bring China to Salt Lake.”

A grand event is being planned and visitors will also be able to watch Chinese flute music, acrobatics, and dragon dance, where artists will be brought in from China.

BJ Block Puja secretary, Umashankar Ghosh Dastidar stated that the deal would make the Puja a must-stop pandal for all pandal hoppers.

Durga Puja

“Hope this grand theme that we are drawing up with the consulate works out well. In the coming weeks, we will hold several rounds of talks with the consulate to firm up the plans.”

Are you ready, Kolkata?

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