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Having trouble travelling with your pets? This pet friendly cab service in town is your best solution

K9 Pet Taxi
K9 Pet Taxi

To all the animal lovers in Kolkata, we have good news. You can now travel all around the city with your four pets in this 24/7 Pet-cab service!


K9 cab
K9 cab


Being a 24/7 service, it does not only serve as a cab, but also serves as an ambulance for any strays or pets who require urgent medical attention at any time of the day.

In the past, K9 cab service has efficiently rescued a number of strays injured in road accidents, or those with serious infections or disease which needed medical attention.


K9 cab


On asking Sucheta Sinha, the owner of K9 cab service, to tell us something about her unique venture, she said,”K9 pet cab service is the first of its kind in Kolkata. My pet cab service is a 24/7 service so even at 2am if there’s an emergency, I’m available. And I know the basics of first aid for dogs so that is a bonus. Mostly we get hit-and-run cases and apart from that, we get the maggot infestation cases or tumors, etc.”

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K9 cab


Further when she was asked about the reason behind starting this pet cab service, she added,”I have a pet dog and a couple of years back when I didn’t have a car, she met with an accident and she was paralyzed. I had to take her to the doctor 3-4 times in a week. At that point of time, Ola and Uber were reluctant to drive us around so it was quite a difficult time for me and my family. I always had to fight with the cab drivers. Following which, I myself met with an accident and I eventually had to give up my job and started a transportation business along with a fleet of cars. At that point of time I decided that I’m going to keep one car for the pet cab service. So basically it’s for both – strays and pets who are injured”


K9 cab


“Someone hired my service to rescue a dog from Benares. So it was basically from Calcutta to Benares by road and back. The dog is fine now.”, she said, on asking her about one of her biggest achievements.

Here’s a short message from the owner of K9 Pet Cab Service, Sucheta Sinha to everyone out there: 
“Without any hesitation, please give me a call. I will try my best to help.”
If you need to travel with your pets to any place just call Sucheta Sinha at +918017462335.

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