Fries on the fly: Bangalore’s Tall Blonde French Is Coming To Kolkata

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Tall Blonde French
Tall Blonde French

If you are a foodie too, these slices of potato might just send you right to heaven. Well, the only problem that will arise is having to share them. Well, that sure sucks.

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The famous fry people of Bangalore are finally coming to Kolkata. Very, very soon. The huge menu at Tall Blonde French (TBF) consists of 18 vegetarian fries and 14 non-vegetarian fries. The blanched-then-fried fries is extremely pocket-friendly – from INR 135 to 165.

I am sure everyone is eagerly looking forward to their Hangover Fries that is made with salsa and crushed tortillas, All About The Base are fries that are infused with pizza flavours and with tasty grated cheese, the bestselling Bad Fries are topped with chilly cheese mayo and jalapenos. Three Bags Full is basically cheese and chicken shreds and Butter Chicken Fries.

Tall Blonde French
Tall Blonde French

This being a roadside fast food place, there isn’t much to talk about ambience-wise, except that it does grab the eyeballs with its clean, white facade and bright lighting, which serve to set it apart from other establishments somewhat.

Once you make your way to the counter, the menu itself is a simple two-sided affair, with one half devoted to the premium fries that Tall Blonde French specialises in. Fries being fries, the list of vegetarian options is as long as the non-vegetarian one, making it easily accessible regardless of dietary preference.


Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets

Creamy inside and crisp on the outside, these fries are to die for. These fries are unapologetically heavy and absolutely not for the faint heart. All you have to do is pair them with your favourite pick of cakes or cupcakes, a side dish (Potato Cheese Pops, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Shreds Wrap) and a tasty tall glass of milkshake, blended with cakes and cookies and you will be all set.

This is the second most legendary place for fries to hit Kolkata in the last one month — Mumbai’s The J landed on these shores in February.

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