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Does animation play a huge role in cinema? Find out

4Since the very creation of cinema in the 1800s, technological advancements in the movie industry have transformed films into technological works of art, very different from what they were at their inception. Digital animation, or computer-generated imagery (a.k.a. “CGI”), in movies has allowed filmmakers and animators to tell stories in a different way, and some would argue, more successfully than in the past. Digitally animated and live-action films (two genres that use digital animation the most) were the two top-grossing production methods in the film industry from 1995 to 2010, grossing more than $156 billion combined.

The broad factor, is simply that animation is vital. The animation industry is hugely important to the entertainment industry as a whole – everything from the animated feature films that fill the box-office, from the motion graphics artists for local news stations.

Economically, animation employees hundreds of thousands of artists, animators, producers and technicians to produce the huge demand for diverse content in the world. One could easily include not just purely animated films, but the world of Visual Effects, where I’d say nearly 90% of films and television shows wouldn’t exist without visual effects artists.

Artistically, the craft of animation has spurred amazing advancements in storytelling since it’s inception. Culturally, it’d be hard for many of us to imagine a childhood without all of the animated characters that fill our imagination – Disney, Fleischer Studios, Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes, UPA, Hanna-Barbera, Filmation, Rankin/Bass, Toei Animation, Aardman, Cartoon Network, Studio Ghibli, etc. – the list is long and diverse. Regardless of whether you enjoy or even know about the work these studios produced, they are important cultural milestones part of our collective understanding of the world.

All of this, of course, has a history to it, and animation has an integral part in the history of entertainment, art, economy and culture. Animation is also a powerful style and tool for sharing, promoting and educating a variety of audiences. From educational content for schools, training videos for any industry, to informational consumer videos, the economic and practical use of animation is seen and felt every day by millions of people.

Having said that, we introduce you to Celluloid’18, by Estrella Productions, the International Film Fest of Future Institute of Engineering and Management. You are probably wondering why?

Much to your delight, the mega carnival will roll on from the 7th of April and will go by the theme of ‘Cartoons’. Getting the hang? Needless to say, Cartoons are never complete without animations and the 3-fiesta will have a perfect blend of both.

Apart from these, the film fest will have lots more in store for you and will give you an opportunity to showcase your skills in diverse fields. Be there at the campus on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April and trust us Kolkata, you will be in for one helluva ride!

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