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After a successful first show, Stage For Change is back with their second fundraiser ‘Melaan’ and we can’t keep calm

Stage For Change
Stage For Change

Stage for change is not just a group of people who love to dance, or a group of artists or even a group of people who have creative ideas. Stage for change is not even an initiative.

Stage for Change has become a family since its inception in 2016, still going as strong as ever. It is a team built on love. They started out with 5 members and now they have 19 official members which is quite a thing to be proud of. The growth of Stage For Change has been primarily through their causes and of course, through their supportive audiences.

Stage For Change performing at NGO Hashi Khushi's Annual Show
Stage For Change performing at NGO Hashi Khushi’s Annual Show

The initiative of Stage for Change was the fact that art can change lives. Like dance – Dance is the art that fills up a major part of our lives. So, a group of talented dancers thought of bringing about a change through their dance. It’s not just some random movements of one’s body that can touch people’s minds. For those raw lives, these gestures are for a purpose- to bring light to issues that need attention.


In their dance videos, they bring up topics like child sexual abuse, molestation, victim blaming (like they did for their video ‘charitra’) and that is basically their primary goal.


Stage For Change made their debut at Gyan Manch with their show ‘Rhythm of Creation’ which was a massive success. The audience witnessed a vast array of dance forms and nobody could have ever thought that a classical dance programme could be that entertaining. Now the team, is back with their second fundraiser event ‘Melaan’ through which they wish to deliver a strong message to our society that needs to wake up.

Rhythm of Creation
Rhythm of Creation

Through their dance, they want to spread awareness; and through their ticketed events, all the proceeds go to social causes which actually needs support – victims and voiceless animals who are crying out for help. Stage for change yearns to be that help.


This is exactly why they want to put up a show like Melaan where they can solely devote their efforts, their revenues, proceeds and everything that they can to provide for the ones who need our help for a better today and tomorrow. They wish to make a massive impact in our society with the help of their dance.

However, Stage For Change appreciates and accepts donations from people which will strictly be invested in social work.

Project Aloo
Project Aloo

Depending on the donor’s interests, that is, what the donor wants to invest his money in, Stage For Change also aims to make it a sanitary pad movement around Kolkata for homeless women and homeless adolescents, children or underprivileged adolescents and adult women who desperately require sanitary napkins.

Project Aloo
Project Aloo

It may also be used for the annual education of a child, that is, 2000/- only. It is the minimal cost that is required for a child’s stationary- which includes a child’s books, copies and other minimal study materials.

These three are the potential causes that Stage For Change wishes to work for in Melaan.

Also, if the donor wishes to simply donate and not go for any specific cause, they can invest whatever amount they want to and they will do their best to invest it in the social causes mentioned above.

From an artistic point of view, Stage For Change will be portraying what dance means to them in a form, that is, comprehensible to everybody.


The world may not understand classical dance. However, when they portray the same thing in the form of fusions and other dance forms that is visually pleasing, they will sure be able to successfully connect with the crowd.

That is exactly what has helped them grow – the fact that they have been able to connect with their audience through their dance like none other.


And through Melaan, Stage For Change wishes to recreate the same thing all over again. They will be showing the crowd what they want to see and Stage For Change will be showing them what they love to do everyday – classical dance in a language that can be comprehended by all.

Through these miniscule changes, someday, we’re sure, we will all be a part of a better world. Until then, keep supporting Stage For Change.

Date: 10th February, 2018.

Tickets: 100/- (Tickets available with Stage For Change members)

Venue: Triguna Sen Auditorium. Jadavpur University

(Beside Central Library, Gate 3)

Time: 5 PM onwards.

See you there!

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