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After humans, there is a matrimonial site for gorillas and this website made it possible


In this age of of digitalism, humans looking for the usual romantic flings have evolved a lot. It had turned into swiping on mobile phones. And then there are people who jump around on matrimonial sites in order to look for their match and settle down for good and for all. Just in case you’re wondering, gorillas are a part of the latter group.

Well, no. We aren’t exactly talking about marriage here.



Be it Valentine’s Day or any other day, I’m more than sure you’d be utterly shocked to know about the fact that there’s a dating website for gorillas which is actually better at making matches than the ones that are similar services made specifically for humans.

No, we’re not kidding. This gorilla dating website was developed in 1988, as one of the many parts of the Gorilla Species Survival Plan, which was launched by a US-based Association of Zoos and Aquariums. This is crazy when you actually realize that the very first dating website for humans only began seven years later in 1995. How amazing is that?

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This amazing idea was suggested in order to ensure the survival of gorillas by increasing the odds of captive breeding. This was absolutely critical at the time when the species was officially listed as critically endangered.

Rampant poaching still continues as close to 70% of gorillas have been wiped out by poachers in Africa.

The New Yorker claims that the gorilla dating website matches gorillas on several factors and it assigns each animal a rank. Potential mates are rated on a scale of one to six — where one is the best possible pairing, and six is the lowest mating score. The mating score is focused towards enriching the gorilla offspring’s gene pool, obviously. So two gorillas with rarer genes are assigned a higher rank because their offspring will be stronger and genetically richer than either of his or her parent.

However, here’s th thing: On the Gorilla dating website, a gorilla can be paired with with more than one mate at a time. More the opportunities, greater the survivability of the species as a whole.

Also, gorillas are polygamous. That’s a win-win situation, you know.


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