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Watch: The gale force wind brings down 23 storey wooden tower in China in no time


Kaili, China’s Guizhou province witnessed a shocking sight last week when a 23 storeyed wooden tower came trembling down. According to South China Morning Post, the gale force winds caused a lot of destruction in China.

The video showcases that how the magnificent structure was reduced to nothing in no time. The weather forecast team had only predicted about slight structural damage but were completely unaware of the horrific damage that had to cross their path.

Though no one was hurt yet the government has taken strict actions to look into this matter. The gale force winds have not only destroyed this architecture but also has caused a lot of other damages.

China’s first emperor’s replica was also blown out of its pedestal and has flattened the emperor’s likeness like a pancake. According to reports the replica of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor was a 19 meter or 62-foot bronze structure and weighed about six tonnes.

The kind of damage the winds have caused is breathtaking and something that we cannot even imagine of. The ancient architectures which are reduced to nothing in no time are a huge loss to the Chinese empire.

It is rightly said that the architecture of any city or empire imitates its history but the kind of loss the Chinese people have to suffer cannot be even put into words. I hope the Chinese government is able to take some serious remedial measures and help to restore what they have lost as a country.

The way the Chinese market has given a tough competition in the market, I know that with the same spirit, determination and dedication they will be able to restore their pride and once again prove that no matter how strong the winds are, they will always be victorious.

Here is the video:

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