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Uber driver offers alcohol to woman in Pune, asks her if she would like to drink


Molestation and sexual assault on public transports have been common in India. We all have come across numerous cases of women being raped on road and we are left with disgust. However, we came across a slightly different and strange story which could have escalated to the same.

A woman who had booked an Uber to go home from her place of work at Senapati Bapat Road at around 8 PM, on Wednesday, was absolutely taken aback when the driver offered to get her a ‘night parcel’.

The woman said that she called the driver for not taking to much time to reach. The driver gave her no reason for being late but shocked her instead.

“The driver was late by 10 minutes and I called him to know why. The driver identified himself as Balaji and his answer first confused me and then shocked me” 

On being confused, she asked the driver what entailed a ‘night parcel’. He told her that it meant vodka.



“He said he was reaching in five minutes and then asked me if I needed the ‘night parcel’. I had no clue what it meant and asked him. He told me ‘night parcel’ meant vodka and whether I wanted the drink. I was utterly shocked and immediately disconnected. The driver called me thrice, but I didn’t take his call.”

The woman cancelled her ride and immediately complained to Uber about the driver. The woman had also requested anonymity and told TOI that she was waiting for the cab by the roadside.

Uber spokesperson said that they have removed the driver partner’s access to the app immediately.

Recently, due to rising number of such cases woman cab drivers have also become popular in streets of Delhi. However, that is not the solution asked for. The step must be bigger and to put an end to such cases.

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