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This hilarious mashup of Deadpool dancing on Ranveer Singh’s ‘Khalibali’ is downright hilarious!

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When we talk about the current generation, Ranveer Singh certainly is the most entertaining of them all. Talk about any place, be it be an award function or any big-Bollywood party, Ranveer Singh always brings his A game in lighting up the moment.

Remember when a few days back, Ranveer Singh got everyone on the dance floor at the Sonam-Anand wedding? All he did was to ask his ‘Baba’ Arjun Kapoor to join him for a duet. Apart from his flamboyant skills as an actor, we are all jealous of the man’s undying energy.

With Deadpool 2 just around the corner, we already know that it is going to be kickass and are already digging in. However, you already know that Ranveer Singh is going to do the Hindi voiceover of Ryan Reynolds as ‘Deadpool’ in Deadpool 2.


This brings us to the topic of this piece which is a hilarious one. A video which is going viral on Twitter, shows someone dressed up as Deadpool and breaking some killer moves on the floor alongside Spider-Man. Wait, there is much more to it. They are dancing to no ordinary song but Ranveer Singh’s smash hit ‘Khalibali’ which created a lot of buzz when his film Padmavaat hit the screens.

Image Source: YouTube
Image Source: YouTube

You don’t want to miss this one, right?

Have fun because as Deadpool says “Life is an endless series of train-wrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness.”

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