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Thief with ‘swagger’ shows off his smooth dance moves after breaking into a Fresno business

Robbery and theft are utterly disgraceful actions for which laws should be made harsher.  However, many times burglaries have grabbed attention for the bizarre and weird way in which they were attempted. Remember the hilarious robbery fail where the thief knocked his partner down unconscious or the clumsy thief who hit his head while stealing from a doughnut shop? These incidents are not only a mere robbery act that has been engraved on the minds of the public but also are a question on the mental stability of the robber.

In another such incident, a thief decided to do a little breakdance after he broke into a Fresno business. The security camera installed in the building caught the robber’s dance moves after he entered the locked office in California. The security when checked the CCTV footage was shocked at the sight as this move by a robber was an exception and unexpected.


The police told KXAN News that the keys used by suspect David Seale were a copy of the original keys. He used them to enter the building multiple times from midnight to morning 10 am. The hilarious act of shaking booty while committing a crime has made headlines in California. We are sure this is amusing but also disgusting for the public at the same time.

What do you think what’s better of a place for such mentally ill robbers in the prison behind the bars or a room booked in a mental hospital?

Watch the video here:

What do you have to say about his breakdance dance-off with burglary? Tell us your views in the comments below.

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