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The monthly earning of this english speaking beggar is higher than qualified engineers


It is rightly said, “Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn”. But many people resort to it despite being completely physically fit because they feel that is a relatively easier way to earn money. Many beggars can be found squandering around religious places, on footpaths and around traffic signals, knocking on our car windows with pale faces and hungry eyes, asking for money. Not only men and women, but children too form an integral part of the begging culture as they are easier to sympathise with, and thus they end up earning more than their adult counterparts.

Begging elicits an image of poverty, dirt and squalor. These beggars use different techniques and tactics by exaggerating their condition to utmost deprivation. But this beggar hailing from Pakistan does the complete opposite. He is unconventional in his practices.

A beggar.
A beggar. Image Source

He is quite eloquent in the English language and uses his fluency is making a good business deal. He thinks and acts like a perfect salesman when he does the math and finds out the profits he will receive. He determines the possibilities of receiving maximum money from different “parties”.

Since he stands out from the beggars, so do his earnings. In a video shared on social media, it is revealed that he earns a whopping thousand rupees per day, which translates to Rs.30000 per month. Now that’s a fascinating incentive, isn’t it?

Get a glimpse of this unusual beggar from the video below. He shares this routine and his strategies. Also, he is aware enough to talk about environmental issues and advises us to not to waste fuel. What a wise man!

English Beggar from Lahore with pure business skills 😂😂😂😂

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