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Shocking incident of Mumbai woman getting beaten and molested in local train gets caught on camera


Dictionaries explain that rape culture is broad in its sense and is thus difficult to define. But it has been with us all our lives. Women are often told not just once but too many times that their shorts are too short, their neckline too low, and their shoulders too bare. In a rape culture, the initial reaction of ladies is to cover up and change their clothes to achieve a “decent” look.

Has this dress code imposed on women improved the situation? Absolutely not. The real change ought to come from those who objectify a woman’s body and think of it as a commodity in a perverted society’s gaze. The real segregation ought not to be male and female, but victims and criminals. And though I know many are enlightened, I can also see the blindness in the prejudiced notion that female is the weak gender and that they are to be blamed for their misfortunes.

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about this all of a sudden, here I am going to share a news that will make you sick to your stomach.

This has to be one of the most shocking and absolutely gruesome incidents. A woman was brutally beaten up by a man in a moving local train in the city of Mumbai. To add to it, she was also being molested aboard the Kurla and Dadar train at around 11 pm on Thursday.

The man has been identified as Rafique Shaikh. He is said to have owed the lady a huge sum of money and that is exactly what the two were fighting about. He reportedly dragged her by her hair and even tried to strangle her at one point.

Somebody made it a point to film a video that depicted the entire episode of the physical abuse and harassment by a co-passenger. The train compartment was allegedly one that was reserved for the differently abled hence none could really come to her rescue.

To add to this already cruel act, the video clip highlights the extremely sad truth of the careless attitude of the authorities.

A guard could reportedly be seen as an eyewitness to the incident, however, he does nothing except for a hand gesture for the accused to stop.

An eyewitness claimed:


He then added that he is 90% disabled and hence, could not help the woman himself. However, he did everything that he could be asking the security person who was in the ladies compartment to pull the emergency stop only to get the train to a halt. However, he never responded.

The video is so awful and absolutely nerve-rending and the way she is being beaten up simply makes me squirm. After some time the woman ever tries to fight back.

Watch the video here:

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